Using the ground beneath your feet to increase the power in your swing is the key to hitting great drives. The optimal movement pattern used in order to create the most power has been identified by sports science and involves speeding and then slowing sections of the body and transferring the force to the next […]

Until recently it was believed that if you work on your swing the impact will take care of itself, however thanks to modern technology we now have a better understanding of impact. This has in turn yielded these five strike elements that influence your ball’s journey and will help you to improve faster. (Click image […]

This simple tip involving treading on a towel will help you shift your weight correctly on the downswing which will boost your ball striking because it will encourage “ball first” contact by making sure your angle of attack is descending. Get your swing centre and weight moving towards the target in the right manner. Start […]

For an excellent putting technique you should be rocking your shoulders during the stroke; consistency will come easy if you can master this. Although it is not the same for everyone, finding the correct way will depend on your head angle in relation to the ground, putting style and of course set up. Click the […]

The term “swing plane” is widely used in golf instruction, but it’s a concept that isn’t easy to define. Watch the golf on Sky Sports and you will get a different explanation from each commentator! This easy to follow drill will help you achieve the correct and natural plane for your swing. Click the image […]

Pitching is all about controlling the ball flight and the distance it travels – which can only be achieved when your hips are level during your swing. A level hip turn through the ball will improve the strike on pitch shots. Thankfully this is one fault that be easily fixed with this instructional guide, just […]

When faced with a short shot most amateurs will tend to try and steer the golf ball towards the flag with their arms. This method can lead to mis-hits and decrease consistency. To avoid this and reduce arm action simply follow the drill laid out in this article (click the image to download it).

When most golfers seek to improve their swing they will quite often choose to address faults with their path or plane to try and mimic the motions of the pros. However unless you address the issue at set up, which is where most faults lie, all of this work will be pointless. Take the first […]

In any given situation most club golfers know which type of shot to play – including how to set up, which club to use. In this article we take a look at some alternative shots to practice and use on the course, with some surprising results when we get some golfers to try them out. […]

Over recent years Hybrids have pretty much replaced long irons, largely due to the higher ball flight you can achieve. However there are still certain situations such as strong winds or off the tee when you need penetrative trajectory, so learning to control your Hybrid strike is essential. Click the image to the left to […]