As the winter months approach, as the ground conditions soften, and as the carry reduces you are going to find that over these cold winter months that your irons might not be able to get you to the greens and you might have to resort to your good old friend the fairway wood. I wanted […]

In this video we cover some pitching similarities at the top level. What we can see in both of these cases is some similarities in how the blade is set that looks already before you even watch their action, that they are playing a high softer shot. So, that in itself is quite a difficult […]

A nice simple tip to help you apply a nice downward blow when you’re on the tee, when you’ve got a tough tee-shot in front of you and you need to focus on something, it’s important that we get some ball speed. Ball speed comes generally from controlling loft on your club. And you want […]

I just want to give you something very simple to think about in the downswing to help you keep the pressure between your left arm and your chest. The reason for that is to help you control your swing path. Now, my clients and the golfers I work with and golfers I see on the […]

I want to give a very simple insight in where to position your ball with reference to angle of attack and swing path. It’s quite a cloudy subject but modern inclusion of TrackMan has helped us simplify this impact condition. Now, if you’re a fader of the golf ball, you hit it left to right, […]

Today, I would like to talk to you about how to sequence the body parts in to impact in the correct manner, and that’s scientifically called the ‘Kinematic Sequence’. Anything where we have to ballistically hit a ball in a certain direction requires the right sequence if you’re going to do it efficiently and powerfully. Now […]

In this video I’m going to talk to you about the pendulum action when you’re putting. In true sense, what we want to do is to keep the head moving and keep the butt of the club stable. If the butt of the club starts moving around, we start to actually hinder the ability to […]

I’m going to give you a nice little tip to try and feel that you can freewheel and release the putter to help with head speed and help you with your distance control. Problems I see among my clients and many golfers on the golf course, is the feeling through the left elbow detaching, the […]

In this video I’ve set up a simple exercise where I’ve popped a tee peg on the outside of the golf ball. Now this is placed so that when you actually place the ball at the centre of the club head, there is just enough breathing space for the toe of the putter to go […]

Today I want to help you to compress your iron shots and impart a slightly downward blow on the golf ball. Now, with help with our launch monitor data, on tour the average downward blow with a 7 iron is about 3.7 degrees. For that to occur, there needs to be an element of lean […]