Position the ball in your stance

I want to give a very simple insight in where to position your ball with reference to angle of attack and swing path.

It’s quite a cloudy subject but modern inclusion of TrackMan has helped us simplify this impact condition. Now, if you’re a fader of the golf ball, you hit it left to right, people will say pop that ball off your front foot. That’s absolutely fine but by the time the driver has made contact with the golf ball, not only is it working up, it is working very leftward.

So trying to actually hit up on it is actually promoting a faders movement. Consequently if you flip that around the other way, if you want to draw the golf ball, that ball needs to come back in your stance so you can catch on the inside.

Now PGA Tour stats would say that on average, driving on tour they hit downwards by 1.5 degrees, so that tells you that a driver, when being used on tour is actually generally being drawn.

I’m going to show you where to position the ball in reference to your stance for whether you want to hit a draw or a fade.

Drawer, we want it underneath the left armpit. So take your stance, move your left foot out so the ball is a couple of inches inside your left heel. Then take your stance, it will then be easier to hit it on the left-side.

To hit a fade, take your stance, do your little set-up routine, have the ball more forward, you’ll find it much easier to hit it on the outside.

Do it exactly the same the opposite way. Take the left foot out, ball more forward, it’s easier to hit the fade.

So in simple terms, hitting upwards is a faders movement, hitting downwards is actually a drawers movement. Make sure you put the ball in your stance in relation to the shot you’re trying to hit.