Control your swing path

I just want to give you something very simple to think about in the downswing to help you keep the pressure between your left arm and your chest.

The reason for that is to help you control your swing path. Now, my clients and the golfers I work with and golfers I see on the golf course lose control of the path due to the fact that their arms disconnect from their chest and then from that, the club moves in all sorts of different lines through impact.

So, I want you to think of something very simple. I just want you to get the ruffles of your shirt, fold them underneath your armpit and get the feeling in your downswing that you keep the pressure underneath your left arm.

Now what you’re going to see is when the arm starts its downswing, it is aligned out to the right of the target. That then just helps keep the club on the right arc as it comes in to impact, rather than the arms being thrown out in front. You can see in the video that my left arm is aligning way left of the target, we then lose control of what’s going on down here.

To help keep that pressure underneath your left arm, just feel from the top of the backswing down that we’re keeping the ruffles of our shirt in that armpit, the arm will then be aligned out to the right of target, and you’ll keep control of that swing path through impact.