Downward blow on the tee

A nice simple tip to help you apply a nice downward blow when you’re on the tee, when you’ve got a tough tee-shot in front of you and you need to focus on something, it’s important that we get some ball speed.

Ball speed comes generally from controlling loft on your club. And you want maximum speed, you want to reduce a little bit of loft on our club, to get the ball squeezing and popping off the face nice and fast.

Well the way to reduce loft is one way through angle of attack. And angle of attack comes from hitting the handle forward and getting the club to stay low to the ground post impact.

What I’ve done is a pop a tee peg on the ground, about a club heads width in front of the golf ball and that’s giving me something to focus on and stop me trying to pick the ball off the top of the tee peg and get me to squeeze down and keep the club nice and low. Giving me maximum ball speed and distance control.

So, for maximum compression and control of that impact area, just pop a little tee peg a club heads length in front of the golf ball.