Freewheel and release the putter

I’m going to give you a nice little tip to try and feel that you can freewheel and release the putter to help with head speed and help you with your distance control.

Problems I see among my clients and many golfers on the golf course, is the feeling through the left elbow detaching, the handle moving ahead of the club, and then that effectively stops this moving as freely and as fast.

A little exercise to stop that and help freewheel that putter head is to hold the club in your right hand, assume your normal putting stance, hug your right arm in to your side with your left hand, and make a putting stroke just feeling that your keeping everything nice and tight, and allow the putter head just to freewheel and overtake the handle through impact.

This then keeps the speed, which then equates to distance control, and when you come to these lag putts you’ll find it much easier to get the ball nice and close to the hole. Take a look at the video to see how that’s done.

In summary, if you can try every now and again when you’re on the putting green to just try and hug your arm in on the side, it helps to keep this as one unit, lets this putter head freewheel and release, and you’ll get that ball nice and close to the hole on those long putts.