Compress your iron shots

Today I want to help you to compress your iron shots and impart a slightly downward blow on the golf ball.

Now, with help with our launch monitor data, on tour the average downward blow with a 7 iron is about 3.7 degrees. For that to occur, there needs to be an element of lean on the shaft. The handle needs to be ahead of the club head on impact. How we position our hand on the club helps us to get that lean.

If we just take a normal address position and we put our left thumb on the handle on top of the grip, what you’re going to see is the wrist around to the left too much. Now as the club then comes into impact, it’s quite difficult to get the lean on the shaft, as it’s unnatural.

Whereas if we’re to align our wrist correctly at address, it’s very easy to get that lean and that pressure on the golf ball at impact. So, what I want to happen is the left thumb to be around to the right of the shaft, and you can see in the video that my wrist moves a little bit more on top of the handle.

Then automatically you can see that if I just let my arm hang, there’s an element of lean on the shaft. Next you make your movement into the ball and the club is delivered with a bit of downward pressure.

If you take a look at the video above I’ll show you how that’s done. Pop the club behind the ball, move the left thumb around to the right side so that the wrist sits just ever so-slightly on top of the handle, there’s a touch of lean on the shaft and then just re-create that pressure back at impact.