Eliminate the curvature on your ball

I’m going to try and eliminate the curvature on your ball by matching up the swing path and the face angle.

Now common mistakes you see at impact are open face or close face, and people struggle to hit it straight. I’m going to just show you in this video something that’s very easy; before you hit the shot, just to give your eyes something to focus on with how they want to command the forearm movement, and therefore then the club face.

Assume your set-up, go to the top of your back swing, come down and then show yourself what open looks like with the club face. Then do the same and show yourself what shut looks like, and then stand there and bash one that’s bang between the two, absolutely dead-on square.

When you show yourself open and shut it’s much easier to find square.

Show yourself those three positions, take it away on the golf course; you’ll hit it much straighter time and time again.