In this video I’m going to talk to you about the pendulum action when you’re putting. In true sense, what we want to do is to keep the head moving and keep the butt of the club stable. If the butt of the club starts moving around, we start to actually hinder the ability to […]

I’m going to give you a nice little tip to try and feel that you can freewheel and release the putter to help with head speed and help you with your distance control. Problems I see among my clients and many golfers on the golf course, is the feeling through the left elbow detaching, the […]

In this video I’ve set up a simple exercise where I’ve popped a tee peg on the outside of the golf ball. Now this is placed so that when you actually place the ball at the centre of the club head, there is just enough breathing space for the toe of the putter to go […]

Today I want to help you to compress your iron shots and impart a slightly downward blow on the golf ball. Now, with help with our launch monitor data, on tour the average downward blow with a 7 iron is about 3.7 degrees. For that to occur, there needs to be an element of lean […]

I’m going to try and eliminate the curvature on your ball by matching up the swing path and the face angle. Now common mistakes you see at impact are open face or close face, and people struggle to hit it straight. I’m going to just show you in this video something that’s very easy; before […]

For today’s video I’ve set up a very simple exercise to give you ‘Scoreable Practice’. This is simple a 10-yard chip shot, and when you practice I want you to record your results and beat that personal best every time. The circle is 6-foot, so this is the parameter that the tour pros will chip within every […]

Performing long shots from the sand (assuming you have a good lie) can be made simple and improve not only distance but strike consistency as well with a few practical points from this “umbrella drill” Click the image to the left to download the article…

When you’re practising around the greens, it’s absolutely vital that you focus on the landing area. What I’ve done in this video is to pop a towel on the green to help me focus on where I want that ball to land. A nice way for you to score whether your landing area control is […]

In today’s video I’ve set up a little exercise station to help you get the clubs sole, when you’re in a bunker, into the sand in the right position and its position is about a hands width away from the golf ball. It gives you a nice focal point of where you want to be […]

As you can see in this video I’ve set a little station inside the bunker, and this station is designed to improve the ‘Takeaway Plane’ of your golf swing. Now ‘Plane’ improves path and angle of attack, so if we get that wrong in a bunker, we’re in a lot of trouble. If we can start […]